Green Corn Festival

Order of Ritual

Preparation & Purification 
Self: Please refrain from eating until the feast following the ritual.
Home: All are invited to bring a small, worn-out item from home to burn in the fire as part
of the ritual cleansing and renewal. Please carry it with you to the circle.

Ritual Space: Out respect for Native custom, we kindly request that women wear leg-covering
clothing. Please do not enter or cut across the circular ritual area until asked to do so as part of
the ritual.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Calling of The Spirits from the Four Directions - Casting the circle
The Procession will begin by the Patio, entering the sacred area through
the wigwam (arbor) from the East. Please bring your item to burn. You will be
                purified and receive a candle.

Native Flute Music:  “The Gathering” by Mary Youngblood, Album: The Offering
Drummers: Moonpath Drummers
Prayer:  “Grandfather Great Spirit” (Sioux)
Quarters: Call the Spirits; Audience Respond: “Blessed are you”

Purpose - What is the Green Corn Festival?
“I am Corn” (Hopi Traditional Thought)

Ritual Observance - Cleansing & Forgiveness
Drumming & Chanting: “Earth is Our Mother”
Ritual Scratching (Priest & Priestess only)
Prayer:  “A Prayer to the Corn Mother”  (Pawnee, adapted)
Audience respond:
“Hear your children!”

Drumming & Chanting: “Wani Wachi Elo Wakan Kataya” 
                  (I want to live Great Spirit)
                     Council with Loved Ones - Moment of Reflection
  Prayer:  Great Spirit Prayer” (Yellow Hawk, Sioux Chief)
  Snake (or Spiral) Dance: Cleansing of home and banishing bad 
  energy. Please follow the dance leader, single-file, men enter first
  from the East, followed by women, then children. Dance clockwise.
                     Toss your old item into fire & follow the dance line back to the circle. 

Rite of Passage  (Children are invited forward to sit for the story.)
Storytelling: “Selu, The Legend of the Corn Mother”
(Penobscot & Cherokee, adapted)
Drumming & Chanting: “Mother I Feel You Under My Feet” 
Naming Ritual: Parents of children to have their spirit names announced,
             come forward. Adults wishing to announce a new name, come forward. 

            Blessing:  “Beauty Prayer” (Traditional Navajo Blessing)
            Congratulations: Howl, birdcall, stomp, cheer, but please do not clap.

Energy Raising
Stomp Dance:  Drums, rattles, jingles, are encouraged.  Everyone dance together,
circulate clockwise. Invite others by grabbing hands, pulling them in.  Dancers can
perform their own individual steps; act out animals, such as, deer, grasshopper,
crow, turkey, catfish, eagle.

Blessing of the Corn  (Normally known as “Cakes and Ale”)
Minions:  Serve corn cakes and tea to all. 
Native Flute Music: “The Offering” by Mary Youngblood,
Album: The Offering
                  Drumming & Chanting:  “Earth Our Body”
Thanking the Deities – Offering to Thunder Beings & Ancestors
Prayers: “Thanksgiving Prayer” (Iroquois, adapted)
 “Thanks to the Corn Mother” (Iroquois, adapted)
                   Audience respond: “Hear your children!”

Passing of the New Fires
Native Flute Music:  “Wishes of Happiness”, traditional, arranged
by Peter Kater, Album: Sacred Spirits

Fire Bearer & Minions:  Light candles of each person in circle. 

Releasing of The Spirits from the Four Directions - Opening the Circle  
Quarters: Release the Spirits
Audience Respond: “Bless you and farewell”
Priestess’ Blessing:  “Beauty Prayer” (Traditional Navajo Blessing)
Priests’ Blessing:  “Cherokee Blessing”  (Trad. Cherokee Blessing)

Native flute Music:  “On My Way” by Mary Youngblood, Album: Feed The Fire


DISCLAIMER:  No attempt is made to accurately replicate any particular native tribes’ sacred rite.  All words, music, and activities here were either originally written material or gathered from open access information. The activities carried out are with good intention, respect, admiration, and strictly for the purposes of education of others in the general customs and beliefs of native peoples.