Yule 2009 Ritual at MoonPath CUUPS

In days of old, the great Earth Mother Matka Gabia gave birth to two forces, each of which claimed dominion over the sky. The Rusalka (Ethereal Snow Spirits), beautiful pale girls with long flowing hair and the Perunik (Solar Fire Spirits), handsome young lads with strong muscles. They were as opposite as two could be. Only a thin veil of clouds shielded them from one another for both knew it would mean certain death.

One day the handsome youth Flame caught sight of the fair maiden Snowflake and both fell instantly in love. They longed to be with one another, but as much as they loved each other they could not be in the same place. Flames fire burned for her and he promised her that Love would keep them safe.

I love you! she said and with these words Snowflake flew at Flame, arms outstretched to embrace him. Such passion was never seen in all the lands of the earth! Lightning and Thunder mixed with furious winds as the two merged together.

It ended as only it could end, with Snowflake melting into a puddle of water and Flame crumbling into a smoking cinder. And so ended with one brief act the lives of the snow daughter and the fire son, but out of their union was born a most radiant and beautiful child.

Sometime, after a storm, if you are lucky, you might see their offspring. They are the multi-colored rainbow.

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