The Roles at MoonPath CUUPS


There are many functions or roles performed within Moonpath CUUPS to keep things happening. Each is an opportunity for involvement.

We present eight sabbats each year, 51 Thursday Study Groups, run Pee Wee Pagans, and care for the church Labyrinth. We serve as a resource to those in our church community who look to explore ritual and the Old Religion.

The Functions involved in a Sabbat are:

  • Open the building.
  • HPS/HP sets up and leads the Ritual.
  • Drumming Leader organizes drummers.
  • Plan for posters, decorations, raffles, front gate, parking, etc.
  • Schedule vendors.
  • Schedule workshops, etc.
  • Greet guests.
  • Provide security.
  • Clean up the property and building.
  • Scribe presents sign-up sheet for Council Members.
  • Purse Warden gathers and deposits money.
  • Close the building.
The Functions involved in a Study Group meeting are:
  • Open the building.
  • Gatekeeper facilitate the introductions and business meeting.
  • Purse Warden gathers and deposits money.
  • Presenter presents.
  • Close the building.
Pee Wee Pagan Functions:
  • Conduct classes.
  • Liaison with church.
  • Maintain website.
Labyrinth Functions:
  • Lead walks and tours.
  • Setup lights for festivals.
  • Pull weeds.
  • Lay down mulch once a year.
Other Functions:
  • Schedule Sabbats and Study Groups.
  • Keep books tracking our money held by the Church Treasurer.
  • Publish calendar and website.
  • Maintain Yahoo groups.
  • Maintain vendor lists.
  • Sound & Lights.
  • Storage Offsite
  • Liaison with other church members.
  • Outreach to other UU Pagans and congregations.
  • Outreach to the greater community.

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