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October 26, 2002, our  Samhain Celebration


Chapter of C.U.U.P.S. (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans)

Presented the Fifth Annual South Florida

300+ people showed up for our gala. Some figured out that this was not a typical Halloween Party and left early. Other came late.

The deejay music was raucous and magickal. Our jewelry vendor sold mostly items with pentacles. Our psychics reader were busy.

As the evening progresses, we hold an Attunement Ritual in the Memorial Garden. Later, we do a small ceremony of special focus.

At midnight, we spin the Wheel of the Year. We tell the story of this season. We stare into Cerridwyn's cauldron. Perhaps we are led by Spirit Dancers through the Underworld and back out to the Main Circle. We have drums and bonfires. We light candles for our departed loved ones. We cast a Memorial Wreath into the sacred fire.

Among us were coven members, solitaries, the experienced, the seekers, and the curious.

We raffled a meaningful door prize or two. In the past we have had pagan statues and other gifts donated by Crystal Fantasy, Bookstore of the Sacred Light Temple located in Margate, Florida, at St Rd 441 and Coconut Parkway. Yes, we encourage you to support your local Metaphysical Shoppes.

When the smoke clears the next morning, most everybody was pleased with our event. After paying our expenses, we will give some money back to the UU Church. They are nice enough not to charge us rent.

The Fifth Annual South Florida Witches Ball was on Saturday, October 26, 2002. The doors opened at 7:30 PM and the Deejay started at 8:00 PM. Cost of the Ball was $10 at the door. Kids Free and they are parents' responsibility. Bring your favorite beverage. We had one food vendor, a couple readers, perhaps a masseuse, and more. Ritual garb and/or costumes are encouraged. NO PHOTOS! Some of us are still closeted.

Once again we had the lighted labyrinth. Outside, there was a meditation in the Memorial Garden around 9:00 PM. About 10:15 PM, a few of us gathered for "A Contemplation of Death." At about 11:45 PM, the music stopped and the main Ritual began inside. We weaved our way out through the Memorial Garden and on to the Fire Circle. There some ghosts and Spirit dancers greeted us at Cerridwin's Cauldron. The was no charge for the Main Ritual, of course. Do email us with encouragement and suggestions for next year.

Perhaps it's time to come out of the broom closet?

Lady Rachel
Join Us Next Samhain, October 25th, 2003,
For Here, There May Be Witches!

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