Art by Valan the Druid

We expect 400+ people to attend our gala. There will be deejay music and dancing, readers, lights on our labyrinth, ongoing evening ceremonies. At Midnight we shall perform our solemn Samhain Celebration and invoke the great Dark Goddess Hekate.

Among us will be coven members, solitaries, the experienced, the seekers, and the curious. We expect respectful behavior from everyone.

The deejay music will be raucous and magickal. Our jewelry vendor will have pentacles. Our psychics readers will be busy.

As the evening progresses, we will hold an Attunement Ritual in the Memorial Garden. Later, we do a small ceremony of Druid focus.

At midnight, we spin the Wheel of the Year. We tell the story of this season and of the Dark Goddess Hekete. We stare into the Fire of Transformation. Perhaps we will be greeted by Spirit Dancers as we enter the Underworld and the Ritual Space. We will have drums and bonfires. We will light candles for our departed loved ones. We will out a warrior bearing remembrances through sacred fire.

We will raffle some meaningful door prizes: 

We have from Valan the Druid: a framed print of her Samhain artwork (see above).

We have from Crystal Fantasy, Bookstore of the Sacred Light Temple (State Road 441 and Coconut Parkway in Margate: Four $50 gift certificates.

We have from New Age Books and Things (4401 N Federal Highway, Ft. Lauderdale): Four readings with Janus or Robert.

Yes, we encourage you to support of our local Metaphysical Shoppe's.

Cost of the Ball, $10 at the door. Kids Free with parents and, yes, they are parents' responsibility. Bring your favorite beverage. We have one food vendor, some readers, and more. Ritual garb and/or costumes are encouraged. NO PHOTOS! Some of us are still closeted. Shhhhh!

Read about all we did in the October 31, 2002, edition of The Forum.  Download this story in PDF Format 1.1 meg.

Download the color flyer for Witches Ball 2003.

Perhaps it's time to come out of the broom closet?

Lady Rachel
Join us for our next Samhain Celebration, October 30th, 2004,
For Here, There May Be Witches!

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